Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Positive Self Talk

I am currently starting up a new group, training for a triathlon in April 2012.  Many are trying distances they have never done or they are totally new to the sport.  During a recent Swim Clinic, I looked over the water and saw many "deer in the headlight" looks back.  "I am doing nothing right", "this feels weird", " I can't do that", "this is hard", "I'm so slow" are all comments I heard.  With all those negative statements, I met all of them with positive ones, "You can do it", "focus", "your doing great", "great job" and more.  As a coach, I always build up, but many people today are just not use to being built up.

With a world full of "I can't" or "you can't", talking positive to yourself and those around you is critical.  The most important, is what you say too yourself.  You listen to yourself more than anyone.  Driving, waiting in line, laying in bed, just about everywhere, you are in your head talking/thinking.  All this talking should be put to good use, dont wait, start now!  Be happy, up beat, and be positive!  Woooo Hooo!! If what you say to yourself directly influences your attitude and thoughts, make them positive.  Really, do you want to be a downer.  Then dont be, its up to you.

Its very simple to have a great outlook on life when you talk positive.  My grandmother use to tell me that my first decision every  morning was the most important. Before my feet ever hit the ground I decided to have a good day or a bad one.  After making that decision, it was up to me to keep it or change it.  Who would want  to have a bad day?  It happens all the time,  the car that cut you off, a unkind word, someone being rude, and you change your mind.  Why do that?  Its up to you to stick to your decision, you know, the one that's the most important one you will make all day.  Meet lifes demands with a smile and kind word.  You will be amazed at how fast you change and it rubs off on those around you.

The brain can not, not do something.  All it can do, is not do or not do. For example, "I dont want to fail", the brain hears "fail". "I don't want to quit" the brain hears "quit".  Talk to your self correctly and positive.  "I am a success", "I am Loved", "I win", "I am good enough", "I am strong"  Be passionate about being positive and change your life perspective.

So start now, dont wait for change, make it happen.  Replace old ineffective talk with positive, self lifting, positive talk. Give it a try, smile, see the greatness in everything, and watch as happiness sneaks into your life.