Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#1 most important thing for your health and fitness

Quick question... 

What do you guys think is the #1 most important thing for your health and fitness?? 

 post comments with your thoughts.


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Kimberly Baker Cardio

 Monica Fandrich Hobbs The first thing that comes to mind is to be mentally focused & driven, and the next thing that I think of is nutrition. We need to be properly fueled to be able to perform & be healthy.

Jim Connolly Diet. What you put in your body :)

Rodney Wagner It all comes down to nutrition. If you don't eat right, your body's functions can be affected causing dehydration, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, loss of muscle tissue, loss of soft tissue elasticity, reflexive reactions decrease, etc etc etc. And, that's before you even add the stressors of working out on top of that.

Randy Pacheco Consistency.

Andrien Wang Consistency and balance.

Dawnery Vargo Mental focus...if you have that, the rest will follow.

 All of these are great and have a place in your health and fitness, but which one is #1?
.... lets see if we have any other ideas

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  1. Consistency is key. But also tenacity. You have to want the ultimate goal, not the quick fix.